Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Truck!!

Some of you may have heard that Dustin has been looking for "the truck" for awhile now. We have been looking for almost 5 months. Just about every night Dustin would search the Internet for "the truck", and has been on dozens of test drives. It had to be a Chevy Silverado duramax diesel with an Allison transmission with low miles and leather seats and of course in our budget. And we finally found it. It has all kinds of fun gadgets and of course is huge. We traded in my jeep for the truck so now I get to load my boys in it everyday. I am so happy Dustin found the truck and in his words "he can now die a happy man." Our next purchase will be running boards so I can climb into it with out having to bounce (all you short people know what I'm talking about).


Suzanne said...

congrats on the new truck... we love it! :o)

scrapbyjen said...

Alex is going to be SOOOO jealous.