Friday, January 30, 2009

Uncle Orin

My little brother Orin has been visiting us for the past week. It has been so much fun to spend some time with him. My boys are really enjoying having him around. Every morning when Camdin wakes up his first question out of his mouth is "wheres Orin?" Here are just a couple of my favorite moments from our busy fun filled week.
Orin and Camdin going down the huge slide at the Jump Zone.

Orin reading to two busy boys.

Playing at Dash Point Park.


john said...

Hey Conkers,

I thought that I would look and see if I could find my old comp. on the net. It's good to see that you have two good looking kids and aren't to bad looking yourself. You can stop by our blog any time and see how things are going here in North Carolina.

Take care and tell Darcy I said Hi.

John Schaalje

Logan and Ashley said...

That is fun. You and your brother look like siblings. I love looking at other people's family to see if they look like eachother. I am strange. I am glad you had fun and that is cool that your brother came for a visit. What a great guy!