Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Tough Little Man

So it has been a hard two weeks for my baby Colton. He has had a double ear infection. This has been number 4 in his short little life. This last one has been really terrible. He has been waking up like every 2 hours at night just screaming and clawing at his ears. He is now on his third antibiotic and it finally seems to be working. Yeah!! He is amazing though because during the day he still smiles and plays like things are practically normal. It has just been nap and bed time that things get rough. I really wish there was some way to take away his pain.
On a happier note Colton has been crawling really well now for about three weeks. Since we got home from San Diego he has gotten really fast. Here is a short video of how fast he is. Enjoy!!
A couple other first we have had in the last month or so. Colton has his two bottom front teeth in, he loves to clap his hands when he is excited and he is really good at feeding himself.


Logan and Ashley said...

Poor guy. That doesn't sound fun for any one over there.
It looks like you guys had a good time in San Diego. It looked beautiful there and your family pics are great.

Jessica Ryan said...

he is crawling soo good!! What a cutie. I feel bad he has had an ear ache :-(