Monday, January 19, 2009

Monster Truck Jam!!

Yes it is true we went as a family to Monster Truck Jam. I tried to get out of it several times. But Dustin got it through his head that it would be a great family activity. (Men:)) Camdin loved it! He loved the loud trucks music and of coarse the trucks jumping in the air. Once Colton got used to the head phones he seemed to enjoy himself. The tickets to the 2pm show were all sold out so we had to go back and watch the 8pm show. Well by nine thirty both of the boys and I had had enough. But all in all it was a fun night. I can now say I have gone to my once in a life show of Monster Trucks.
Waiting for the show to start.

My boys loving the Trucks.

Grave Digger!!

This was Camdin's favorite truck. He called it the Dinosaur Truck.


Jessi Ryan said...

they look really cute with their headphones on!

Jessi Ryan said...

how did you change your profile picture? I can't figure it out!

Nate and Alyssa said...

Nate will be jealous that you got to go. He always looks for one when ever we go anywhere.