Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cristmas Fun!!

Last weekend was filled with lots of fun Christmas activities. We had our ward Christmas party. Did some shopping (I know I am horrible I am still not done.) And we did the activity that always makes me feel like it is Christmas, making sugar cookies:) It also snowed on Sunday so church was canceled. I was scheduled to speak so it was kind of nice. It is kind of funny that the stake down here cancels for an inch of snow and in Alaska they don't even cancel at -40. I guess Alaskans are tougher.

Our ward Christmas party. Neither of the boys liked Santa too much:(

We went out and played in our 1 inch of snow. Camdin and Colton lasted all of 5 min.

Camdin helping me make cookies. Don't you just love his apron!


Suzanne said...

Lucky you, getting out of speaking! :o) Making Christmas sugar cookies has always been a tradition in our family too... it isn't Christmas without it! I can't wait until Blake is old enough to help!

dna said...

Wowee- you actually got your kids to sit on Santa's lap?! One look at him, and Claire was about in tears and clinging to me for dear life. Although, she did let him hand her a candy cane :-)

The Pitts said...

Oh my heck!! I haven't seen you guys forever. How are you? What have you been up to? I knew you had to be a blogger! Hope to hear from you soon! darcipitt@hotmail.com