Saturday, October 25, 2008

We Are Home!!

Camdin Colton and I are finally home. We went to visit my sister in Idaho Falls to try and be of some help while she had baby number 3. Kluane had a healthy adorable baby girl that her and Scott named Cambrie Natalia. She was born 7 lbs 12oz, with a full head of hair. The boys and I had so much fun playing with Kluane's boys Kaiden and Conner. While we were there we also got to meet my brother Keegan's baby boy Tayson Patrick. That is still crazy to think about my brother having a baby:) My parents also made it down for the birth so needles to say Kluane and Scott had a full house. It was so nice to see family again. We miss having them close by. But coming back to Washington does feel like home.

Cambrie Natalia Dixon

Grandpa and Grandma's 2008 grand kids.

Colton Tayson and Cambrie

Grandpa and Grandma and all 6 grand kids!!

Camdin Tayson Colton Cambrie Kaiden and Conner.

On our way back to Seattle the boys and I were able to stop and see Dustin's parents and sister Megan in Salt Lake. It was a fun afternoon having the kids play and visiting with them again. It is amazing how close the boys become to family giving how long in between visits are.


... CBM ... said...

Oh Mariah, everyone looks so happy & healthy! And I LOVE seeing your parents with 6 grandkids! 3 grandbabies in one year... wow! Miss you all xoxo