Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Camdin's response to pumpkin innards when we took the top off was, "Eeww Gross." I have never heard him say that before yesterday. When we could get him to help us he kept saying "Yucky", and "gross" over and over. Needles to say I took these pics quick before he gave up and went on to something else.

Dustin's Pumpkin is on the Left mine is in the middle and Camdin's on the Right.
Camdin kind of freaked out when we tuned off the lights and took pictures of the Pumpkins. He said, "Daddy's Pumpkin scary, please lights now, please lights now."


The Hegsted Family said...

My goodness, your boys are so cute! It's so much fun to carve pumpkins with them. Your pictures are so cute!

Watson Family said...

Dustin's pumpkin looks great. Good job guys. We carved pumpkins today too. What fun!

... CBM ... said...

Your boys are just beautiful Mariah! And look at Colton with that big grin! We're going to try to update family & halloween pics soon... xo!