Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Yard Work

So our plan this weekend was to get the jungle that we call a yard mowed one last time before all the leaves fall. So I sent Dustin out and of course Camdin wanted to help. So I bundled him up and sent him outside with his little lawn mower. It was too cute to watch Camdin follow right behind Dustin and do everything he did. He would even pull start his mower every time his dad did.

Following Daddy!
Staring his lawn mower!
Our little man working hard.


Suzanne said...

Those pictures are so adorable!! Good luck with the yard work, I think we're going to wait for next year! :o)

... CBM ... said...

SO cute Mariah! Can't wait to hear when you've become an auntie again! It's so soon! Parker saw Colton's video and said, "Hey look, it's Matayah" ;) lol