Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uncle Orin

My brother Orin is a cross country runner for University Alaska Anchorage. He had a meet this weekend down here in Seattle. So Dustin Camdin Colton and I all went up to Seattle to watch. It was raining and cold but we all had fun cheering Orin on. Even Camdin would clap and yell for Orin as he ran by. It was so fun to see Orin and have him meet Colton. There is even a chance he could make it back to Seattle to run again. We would all love that. GOOD LUCK UNCLE ORIN!!!

Camdin and I cheering in the Rain.

Here we are running from one spot to the other to catch a glimpse of Orin.

Orin running super fast.

Orin's final kick before the finish line.


Jenny said...

How fun to be able to watch your brother compete. Got to love those Alaskan's that love to run for such long distances. Your family is so cute. It was good to get caught up on what you have been up to the last several years.