Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dustin's 27th Birthday

So as many of you know Dustin has been working on a job in Tri-Cities for the past 5 weeks. His birthday was on Monday and he was gone:( So we celebrated it last. It was a fun family celebration. We compared it to our first of Dustin's birthdays we have celebrated together 5 years ago. We had practically the same dinner and dessert only there are now 4 of us instead of two. Life sure is different but oh so much more fun. Here are a couple of our fun moments.

Dustin was so happy to get bullets for his Gun.

Colton smiling as usual.

Daddy and Camdin blowing out the candles.

Growing Up Too Fast

My baby Colton is growing up too fast. I don't know where the time goes. With Camdin I couldn't wait for each milestone. With Colton I just want him to stay little. I was going to try and put off solids until he was 6 months, but last week he started waking up three times a night again. So I gave in and decided to give solids a try. It worked!! Colton was sound asleep for 7 hours straight. I haven't felt that rested in a long time. Thank goodness for rice cereal.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uncle Orin

My brother Orin is a cross country runner for University Alaska Anchorage. He had a meet this weekend down here in Seattle. So Dustin Camdin Colton and I all went up to Seattle to watch. It was raining and cold but we all had fun cheering Orin on. Even Camdin would clap and yell for Orin as he ran by. It was so fun to see Orin and have him meet Colton. There is even a chance he could make it back to Seattle to run again. We would all love that. GOOD LUCK UNCLE ORIN!!!

Camdin and I cheering in the Rain.

Here we are running from one spot to the other to catch a glimpse of Orin.

Orin running super fast.

Orin's final kick before the finish line.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


On our trip to Idaho Camdin and Colton and so much fun spending time with their cousins. It was too cute to see the three older boys running around the house playing. Kaiden who is 4 would sit in front on Colton and make faces at him until he would burst out laughing. I know he is going to be one great big brother.
The boys also had tons of fun playing with their Uncle Keegan and Aunt Jessie. The pics are at the Lake where they played in the water and made sand castles.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Splash Park

These pictures were taken a while ago but we had so much fun that day I wanted to show you all. Camdin is slowly warming up to the splash park at first he would not go near the water. Now as long as someone is there holding his hand he will go in the water.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fair Fun

While we were visiting Dustin we went to the Tri Cities Fair. It was so much fun. Camdin loved all of the animals. Except he would not stay on the pony for the pony ride and was scared of a baby cow. It was a great family activity. Also while we were visiting Dustin we took advantage of the pool at the hotel and went swimming everyday.

The Last Month Or So

So one of the big moments in our family this last month was our oldest son turned 2! Camdin celebrated his 2nd birthday twice. Because we were in Idaho for the actual day, and again at home. We went to Idaho because Dustin was assigned a job out of town so rather then sit at home with the kids all alone we went to visit my sister and brother in Idaho. It was a long drive with a 3 month old and 2 year old but we survived and it was worth it for the boys to see their cousins. The three oldest boys had so much fun playing together. We can't wait to go back again in October. We were also able to visit Dustin while he was working in Kenniwick WA.

Camdin opening up presents.