Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Play Group Fun!!

Today we had play group. Yeah!! One of our favorite days of the week. We woke up and it was cloudy but the plan was to go swimming did the clouds stop us no. Because here in the north west we are tough (and the swimming pool was heated to 90 degrees). Camdin got brave he saw the older kids jumping off the diving board and wanted to try. Don't worry there was always someone there to catch him. I can't believe how grown up my almost two year old is getting.


Kluane said...

What a brave little boy!! Connor tried going off the diving board, but after holding up the line for a few minuites we sent Mallory up to get him. He was not happy for about 15 min. crying and screaming that he wanted to jump, but he got over it. It would be nice to have a more "private" pool he could take his time at. Looks like you guys had fun!!

Logan and Ashley said...

Yeah you posted on my blog!! I couldn't get to yours for some reason... anyway, I love it! I love reading other people's life stories!
Your kiddos are so cute and we loved being able to spend time with you and your family at the reunion. I loved, loved, loved shooting those guns! Those Conk boys are crazy, but we love that they are. Life would be so boring with out all of the toys they bring up ever year. I have the cutest picture of Camden with Logan and Reid that I need to e-mail to you... plus some how I need to get your address. So one of these days you need to shoot me over all of that!!